Catching Up...

Apologies for the lack of updates, it's just been too busy to think. We've taken another trip to Boston, then to North Carolina for our nieces's baby shower, then my parents visited, then I had a scare with A-Fib, then we went to Gettysburg, then Christie worked 6 out of 7 days (and is in the middle of another identical stretch). Whew! I haven't been feeling too hot lately and we had a mini-heat wave here, so we're all pretty worn out. 

The big news is that our next assignment starts in Little Rock, Arkansas at University of Arkansas Medical Center on August 29th. We're hoping to extend this assignment up to the holidays so we can be home for Christmas. It'll be great to see friends and family, though we're already missing all the awesome people we've met here in Pennsylvania. 

Here's some pictures of the last few weeks. I should be back to normal posting next week.

Back Bay, Boston. Didn't take many pictures this trip-
it was very fast, and not very fun. Plan to go back with
friends in late August though.
Breakfast outside at the Foley's. We try to go down for the
weekends when we can. Christie fixed biscuits and sausage
gravy for Mark (his favorite). Granny Lucy's recipe. Yum!
4th of July fun. Playing with fire is one of the dangerous
things we insist is important for kids to do, along with
owning a pocket knife, etc. They think July 4th is the greatest
thing EVER.

Next up, our oldest niece, Lynsey's baby shower. This was a chance to travel to North Carolina to see not only her, but Christie's parents who traveled from Arkansas to be there. We haven't seen them in almost 6 months.

The baby's room is Jungle themed.

Eric, Lynsey, Nana, Papaw

A "diaper" cake. Sounds gross at first, until you
know what it is. Christie made this in about an hour.
Sometimes I think she missed her calling.

My parents were travelling to see family and friends and stopped by Hershey the day after we returned from North Carolina. We met them along with a surprise passenger (our niece, Emily) at Hershey World.

We were able to meet the Foley's and Vavo (Stacy's Mom)
for lunch at Batdorf's afterward. Glad they got to meet
each other.

And FINALLY a trip to Gettysburg to the Civil War museum. I could say a lot about this but I don't want to bore everyone. Suffice to say, it's sad so many had to die over an issue that should be so simple and obvious. Also sad that it took another hundred years to even come close to seeing equality realized. I love the history, but to me, this is one of the most disheartening and tragic events to have to teach our children about. Hopefully they learn from it. 
Gettysburg Train Station where Lincoln pulled
into town the day before he delivered his address
at the cemetery. 

"Well HELLO Mr. Lincoln!" (obligatory Friends reference...)

The Wilkes house, where Lincoln finished
writing the Gettysburg Address.
Monument to the Pennsylvania soldiers

That's it for now. More tomorrow.