February Already?

I haven't posted because we've been busy with trips, family, snow, and illness. But we're back! We started planning more "structured" time for this semester to make sure we're covering everything. Rich has especially taken an interest in cosmology (not to be confused with cosMOTology), fossils, and the passage of time. We're starting more formal music "classes" with Brennan on Friday, which should be fun. Lots of pictures!

Making Fossils

They made their own planets out of Play-Doh.
Planet "Colorful" and Planet "Double Rings"

Rich explaining the ecology of his planet:

We journal every morning about whatever we want. Rich has written about all his immediate family, so now he's starting on extended family:

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  1. Let me know when you need any math materials.
    This all looks good...and a little cosmeTOLogy is great chemistry! Acids and Bases and solutions. See you the 28th Panera at 2 pm? Hope so.