Treehouse Gala!

Treehouse is a homeschool co-op the boys have attended for the last two semesters. We meet with a large group of homeschoolers every Thursday for a wide variety of classes taught by parents and outside instructors. The boys love going and have made many friends there. This semester, Brennan took a Pre-school class (New Horizons), Music, and Playground Games. Rich took Prairie Primer (more below), Math, Space, Cooking, and Paper Crafts. The Spring Gala is a fundraiser and a chance for the students to perform skits, songs, and recite poetry they've learned over the course of 12 weeks.

Toe-Knee Knows

Rich's "Prairie Primer" class did projects based on the Little House books. They made Hogbladder balls and Corncob dolls, made their own butter, and learned how to square dance.

Brennan does the Finger Polka!

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