Spring Sprung

What a fun experience! We took part in a Maypole spring celebration with our local homeschool group. About 80 people turned out, and the kids started off by reading poetry and drawing names for the celebration royalty. The King, Queen, and Squires then led a little parade around the park while the rest of the kids played a variety of percussion instruments, or an instrument they brought from home.

You can read the wiki link above if you're un-familiar with the Maypole. It's basically derived from Medieval European cultures to celebrate the arrival of spring. I believe it fell out of popularity sometime during the middle of the last century because of its Pagan associations (ya know, unlike Easter or Christmas which have NO Pagan associations whatsoever...). We went around the Maypole circle and everyone got a chance to tell about something they were thankful for.

Once the Maypole was set up, our friend Peggy taught the kids how to "dance" around it so that the ribbons would effectively wrap around the pole. This was a bit of a mess with so many people, but you should have seen the kids - laughing and having the greatest time.

It was the perfect day to welcome in the new season. We probably stayed at the park in the sunshine for 4-5 hours just watching the kids play and enjoying the weather. I love watching our boys interact with kids both older and younger than them. I really believe it's one of the best things about homeschooling - the interaction with a diversity of people in real life, rather than in an artificial environment.

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  1. I'm so glad you all were there for this! I love the Maypole! It's one of our very favorite traditions. Great way to welcome spring. Peggy always does such a great job with it. So so glad your family is here.