We kind of stretch it into two days since there's usually several nights of festivities no matter where we happen to be.

Christie started out with some breakfast eyeballs, Frankenstein pancakes, and fresh blood.

Rich is having second thoughts about the bloody eyeballs

Then the boys decorated rice crispy treats with icing, chocolate chips, and M&M's. I'm gong to call it the unschooling version of art class.

Then Trick or Treating at two different churches on two different nights, plus hit a few houses around Gramsy and Pop's house. 

Rich climbed this thing three times. Twice in costume.

Brennan and cousin Bekah

Mini-mouse princess

Brennan, Emily, Rich, and Bekah after
the hard work of taking candy from strangers

Brennan taking stock of his booty


  1. Just for you:

    Mr. Weir: Sam, what are you doing? You're too old to go out trick or treating.
    Mrs. Weir: Oh, Harold. Stop.
    Mr. Weir: Well it's true. There was this kid in my neighborhood growing up, Scott Byron. He kept on trick or treating until he was well into his 20s. You know where he's living now? At home! With his ninety-year-old mother. He's the laughingstock of the community. Never took a wife either.

    You guys are super cute and we miss you like crazy.

  2. I thought it was going to end with, "He's dead!" like most of Mr. Weir's stories. Miss you guys too, glad we're NaNo buddies this year!