Beaker Travels Back Through Time

As promised, here's an excerpt from Brennan's Beaker Chronicles. 

Beaker Goes Back Through Time (Beaker 4)

Chapter 1 – The Computer Order

Beaker the penguin woke up one morning. He asked his mom if he could spend half of his birthday and chore money to build a time machine.

She thought about it for awhile and said, “Are you sure you have enough money to build a time machine?”

“I don't know,” he said.

His mom looked in his piggy bank. She counted his money and she found four hundred and fifty dollars. He'd been saving his money for a long time.

She went downstairs and said “Beaker, you don't have enough money for a time machine yet. But you could make some more money by doing your chores.”

Beaker knew he needed about ten more dollars to buy the parts for his time machine. He had some new chores to do. He liked some of his chores, like feeding his lizard, cleaning the dishes and table, and picking up his room. But he didn't like some of his chores, like helping with the laundry, mopping, and taking out the garbage. Even though he didn't like some of them, he did his chores anyway.

When he finished, his mom gave him ten dollars. Now he had enough money!

His mom let him go on the computer. He typed in timemachine.com, and found a whole time machine for two hundred and sixty dollars. That was too much! So he went to the bottom of the page and found the parts he needed for five dollars less than what he had. Perfect!

Chapter 2 - The Time Machine

Two weeks later Beaker checked at the door. He found two boxes. He looked at the name on the boxes. They said “Beaker.” He wasn't sure if it was the parts or not. He opened one of his boxes. It was the time machine parts! He opened the other box. It was the tools he needed to build it! He asked if he could build it right away. His mom said yes.

He built the time machine in the garage. It looked like a robotic Ankylosaurus. He asked his dad if he could get inside. His dad said yes, so he climbed inside the time machine. Inside, it looked like the bones of an Ankylosaurus. One of the switches looked like a Triceratops, another looked like a dead person (that one was for going back to when dead people were alive). He switched the one with the Triceratops. The time machine started to spin. It spun around and around and around until it finally got still. Beaker stepped out of the time machine. He was in the time of the dinosaurs!

Right in front of him was a dinosaur carnival. He thought, “Who? Where? What? How?” But he went in anyway. He found a free dart game. There was an Argentinosaurus running the dart game.

“Step right up! Step right up!” said the Argentinosaurus. Beaker couldn't understand dinosaur language, so he had to look it up in his dinosaur to penguin language books. He figured out what the Argentinosaurus meant. He decided to play the dart game.

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  1. Brennan!! I love this!! I'm so excited to see what happens next. Do I get to read the rest? I think Beaker is a fun name. Hearing about Beaker getting those boxes makes me think you guys get A LOT of Amazon boxes and maybe you got the idea from that? So cool. Love the controls on the time machine and the "dinosaur to penguin language book." I also like that Beaker is so frugal and researches the best deal and makes things himself to save money. What a clever penguin!!