Simon Pierce

The Simon Pierce company makes glass and clay dinnerware. We went on a small field trip with the local homeschool group to their nearby factory to see the blown glass and clay techniques up close. As with all the homeschool group activities we've done so far, we've not really seen the same people twice yet. The group is so big there are very few who go to all the activities.

It was about 120 degrees on the observation deck so we
eventually moved down to the lower area where it was cooler

Everything made by hand

The Factory Floor

We watched for awhile, then headed over to the clay factory where most of the dinnerware is made. Pretty fascinating that everything is done by hand. 

There were hundreds of carts like this in the storage
area, filled with uncooked dinnerware for the kiln

We spent some time talking to the artists and watching them
carve the edges and swirls of various bowls and plates.

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