Springfield, Massachusetts

So we're finally in Springfield, finally in Massachusetts, which has been one of our goals from the start. We've been looking at both Connecticut and Mass as a possible permanent place to settle, at least until we get past the transplant and all the post-transplant stuff. Norwalk was the only assignment we've had so far that any of us would call "bad." Christie's work schedule, and subsequent all other activities were not what we had hoped for. We did get to visit New York several times and see friends from all over because of our proximity, so that was good. But even the transition from there to here was difficult - problems with housing, lots of money, and several days in limbo met us at the end of the assignment in Norwalk. We were very ready to leave by the time we did.

We've only been in Springfield for two weeks, but we feel like we have our life back. Christie is working nights again, mostly in block shifts, which has restored much needed "together" time. Our apartment is wonderful, located in the downtown area of Springfield, which is also new for us. It's a secluded little cove in the middle of the district business. The buildings were originally part of the Milton-Bradley and Smith & Wesson factory and office complex, though the building we are in is a bit newer. We have already begun exploring all the "pick-your own" farms, local produce, library, and museums. More on that to come. While we are here, the boys will most likely be taking art classes, and possibly fencing or archery. We decided to take a break from team sports for a while because the soccer season in Norwalk was an absolute nightmare on every level. We all needed something different for a while.

Additionally, the library is just down the street, as is the Y, so I anticipate lots of time at both, and hopefully mingling with the local homeschool community to get a feel for the area. Christie is already making friends at work, has a lower patient load, and seems to enjoy it again. She isn't in cardiac, where she is most comfortable, but I think she's just glad to be away from the constant death and sadness of her last assignment. So all is good for now, looking forward to some family visitors in the next month, which will be nice since we haven't seen anyone since Christmas.

More later. For now, here's some video of our new place.


  1. Yay! I like when I can picture where you live (you know, until we can be there and visit you!). I like the big trees around your buildings and hurrah for a nice, big kitchen!! WE FREAKING MISS YOU!!

  2. P.S. Also VERY glad that Christie's work situation is better. She was so not herself after that CT rotation. So glad she is BACK! :)