At Home & at the Beach

Okay, I'm not a big fan of lakes. Freezing water + creepy crawlies + sharp rocks + mind numbing heat = me inside playing XBox. But Christie dragged us all to R.B. Winters State Park last week, and it was awesome. We stopped by the massive Lewisburg Farmer's Market first and loaded up on pasta and broccoli salad and tons of fruit for lunch. I couldn't believe the variety of fresh berries and dairy stuff. Lewisburg isn't very far away, so this market may become a weekly stop while we're here. We've got a small local farm co-op down the street, but this had way more variety in terms of produce.

At the park, the water was cold but the weather was great. The boys played happily on the man made beach for a few hours while Christie and I kicked back in shade. Afterwards, Christie and the boys explored one of the trails but it was a bit too much walking for me, so I sat happily in the van reading The Hunger Games and listening to Dream Theater. Nearly perfect day, except for Rich's gnat trouble in the woods.

I also wanted to post some short videos from our current stomping grounds in Anneville (near Harrisburg), as well as the drive coming into Danville. This area is more beautiful than the camera is able to capture.


Danville (You can see Geisenger Medical Center on the hill at the beginning - sorry for the shaky cam...)


  1. I want to know why you're rocking out to electric guitars and drums on the way to our house, but winding down to serene music and silence and hushed tones on your way back.

  2. Ha! Now that I listen to it, that's just how the songs are in order on that album (Dream Theater's Octavarium, btw). It's also (that thing of when) we're really excited when we're on the way, but kind of bummed on the way home...

  3. Awwww. Good. I'm glad it's not "We're gearing up for the crazy on the way in and decompressing from it all on the way out." :P