Livin' In An Amish Paradise

We didn't spend tons of time in actual Amish country, but Lancaster, PA has plenty of fun stuff to do that incorporates modern transportation, electricity, and air conditioning. My kind of day trip. We asked the Foley's to be our tour guides since they knew all the good spots and particularly, where to find all the good food.

First stop, Wilbur Chocolate Factory. You can't see the actual workings of the factory, but they had a nice little chocolate shop/museum up front where you can watch some of the more customized candies being

I wasn't paying real close attention to Brennan who may
have sampled enough chocolate for our entire group...

Some of the older tools of the chocolate trade

Next up, Central Market. This is purportedly the longest functioning farmer's market in the U.S. It is by far the biggest and most diverse we've been to so far. Outside was a guy playing one of the many pianos stationed around the city. He did a beautiful rendition of "People Get Ready" by Curtis Mayfield (oh yeah!). Some other people gathered around and started singing, something that actually happened quite a bit around the market with various buskers.

Too much good food to pick from. We ended up with a Kalosh, Artichoke Hummus, A Lamb Gyro, Olives, Moroccan Couscous, Blueberries, Olives, Sweet Rolls, two kind of fresh goat cheese, Banana chips, and those wax candy bottles with the juice inside. We skipped about ten things we wanted to buy (including an incredible loose leaf tea assortment) and it's a good thing because three days later we're still eating leftovers. 

 We ate lunch outside of the market in downtown.Great weather. That's Vavo, Stacy's mom, on the left.

Next up, Intercourse Pretzel Factory where the kids got to make their own pretzel. Intercourse, PA is outside of Lancaster, a little deeper into actual Amish country. It is so called because it is at the intercourse of several different state highways. What were YOU thinking?

Then we stopped by an actual Amish farm to pick up some homemade rootbeer. You can easily spot the Amish residences as you drive along because there are no electric lines running to the homes. We obviously didn't take many pictures inside the little shed where they kept their store, since the Amish don't like cameras. There was a huge group of people gathered to watch a kids' baseball game out behind the barn while we were there. You really get a sense that they don't want their community to be treated as an anomaly, so we tried not to stare too much. The rootbeer was really strong, and not nearly as sweet as A&W. Went great in a rootbeer float though.

The next morning, Christie fixed a good southern breakfast at the Foley's - fried eggs, bacon, and sausage gravy and biscuits (Mark's favorite). The only thing missing was grits. =( The weather was, as usual, awesome, so the adults sat on the back porch. What a relaxing meal...

We are indebted to these nice people's hospitality. They've
made our Pennsylvania experience really special.
We ended the weekend by seeing Cars 2, which the boys loved, then headed home so Christie could work a few shifts before our Boston trip at the end of the week.


  1. We were just saying that we spent more time out than at home this past weekend, but it was great. We didn't quite party like it's 1699, but close! And I'm still thinking about that awesome sausage gravy . . .

  2. Great post! You know what's weird? On my reader, there are 2 posts -- this one and one with videos. Both are great. :) We had a GREAT time and we love love love having you. Miss you!