And Furthermore...!

I know it looks like we've been spending all our time in NYC, but most days we're just here at home, or trying to do things that are local. Christie's schedule has really forced us to slow down more than usual with trips, and my health has forced us to spread them out as much as possible. It also helps that Norwalk seems to roll up its streets at 10pm. It's been a good thing though, as we've been able to invest some time in other things. Like:

Playing Yu-Gi-Oh at a Sushi bar

Visiting the local beach

Building sandcastles

Pretending to know karate (or Ninjitsu? All I know is that I
was violently assaulted immediately after this picture was taken)

Visiting the New England Aquarium again

...after dad's doctor appointment

Keeping score at a 3:1 ratio in favor of his team


Trying to play against the other team single-handedly
Making Mom and Dad wish we had better medical coverage..

Eating C-Rats
Okay, this one bears some explanation. If you or your Mom/Dad were in the military, you know these as MRE's or "C-rations". It's a dehydrated meal in a bag. That sounds nasty, but they're actually awesome. My dad used to come home with extras from time to time from readiness exercises and it was almost like Christmas. So Pops sent some to the boys this week and they were fascinated. Self-heating pasta, beef jerky, poptarts, peanut butter crackers, cheese spread (which Brennan sucked out of the pouch down to the last drop), a huge cookie (Rich's favorite), and an assortment of gum, mints, M&M's and other quick foods. You'd have thought they were at a fancy seafood place.

Brennan was not a fan of the spiced apples

Riding the bus to the library

Phineas and Ferb marathons


Eating organic meat-lovers pizza from Savor

Beating Dad at mini-golf
As for school, everyone keeps asking what grade they're in. They never know. Rich is edging into pre-Algebra and Brennan's not far behind. Rich reads voraciously at night now, and Brennan's working on a new book. They are both addicted to MineCraft. They have learned how to do the laundry and the dishes, and they are a huge help with housework. Rich is blogging and drawing, Brennan is making up comic strips and Dungeons and Dragons games and working on his next book. They're fighting with chords on the piano. Rich learned how to make spaghetti, and Brennan helped make meatballs. It's everything they need and nothing you could give them a grade on. It is homeschooling. It is messy, spontaneous, wonderful, frustrating, fulfilling, and nerve-wracking. It's like life, and they're getting to do it now, not in 8 or 11 years, when a quarter of their life has passed them by. It is the best thing ever.


  1. Well, you guys made the best, as you always do, of a crappy situation. You guys actually got a lot in during your time in Norwalk! I'm bummed we didn't ever get to try that pizza place with you guys. It looks amazing. So many restaurants there. Our first couple visits to you, I thought we'd be eating non-stop for months. Dang crappy schedule . . . mumble grumble . . .