New York, Take 4

We thought we were done in NYC, but decided it would be nice to spend a little more time in Central Park on Father's Day weekend. Plus, our friend Leslie was in town for a few days and it worked out for us to meet her for a few hours. We haven't seen her, really seen her in about eight years, so it was great to catch up.

The Dakota Building, home of Yoko Ono. Lennon was shot just
outside the front door. 

We met Leslie at Strawberry Fields across the street. She has asked
me to disclose that she was "sweaty and nasty" having just finished
a bike ride through the park. 

Bethesda Fountain from Godspell, Ransom, Home Alone 2,  and Elf

Making a wish

The Yoga Master teaches the young apprentices

Watching street performers 

Afterwards we found a playground for the boys to expend (what we thought was) the
rest of their energy.

We ate at Burger One on 78th, a little 8 seater walk-in dive with the
best burgers we've had in recent memory. The milkshakes were
incredible too.
Rich got his second wind after eating and said, "Let's go to Time Square!"
So we did. 

We wandered around, in and out of stores, watched some more street performers, and a physical altercation between the police and a group of black dudes claiming to be the true Tribe of Benjamin, and Christianity to be Satanic. Okay then. 

Oh, and I also almost throat-punched Elmo. In general, I don't mind Elmo. I'm not a huge fan though. He represents everything that's wrong with the "new" Sesame Street: the giggling, the fact that everyone can see Mr. Snuffalufagus, Mr. Hooper's store being renovated so that it's nearly unrecognizable...okay, so maybe I have some pent up aggression toward Elmo. But these guys in the Elmo suits will just walk up and start hugging your kid. Hey buddy, for all I know, you're a catholic priest who gets your jollies in Times Square on a Saturday night by dressing in an Elmo costume and getting chummy with kids. I don't know you. The fact that you're dressed as the metaphorical representation of the dumbing down of my favorite children's show isn't doing you any favors. He grabs Rich as we're trying to cross the very crowded street and won't let him go. I hear Rich say, "I need to go with my parents," and Elmo says, "But I want you to stay with me." Look kids, it's the new Touch Me In My Special Place Elmo. I was about a millisecond from flipping this guy's stupid headpiece around and beating him to death with a fire hydrant. Hey, the cops were busy with the Tribe of Benjamin guys, so no one would have noticed. I grabbed Rich as this nutjob continues to try to talk to him, then we lost him in the crowd. It's not uncommon to see three or four Elmos wandering around Times Square, and it's possible that just like the Sesame Street version, they need to die violently by fire hydrant. 

The M&M and Disney stores were cool just for the massive displays. Everything's huge in Times Square. 

In the M&M Store

Finally the day came to an end. Rich and Brennan, spent, exhausted, and ready to crawl into bed fully clothed, fell into their seats on the train and went immediately to sleep. 


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  2. Hi this is Rich and Elmo I would you to meet my friend,fist punch!!

  3. This post makes me sad because we were supposed to be with you that weekend. :(

    As for Elmo, you could totally take him.