On the Road Again, Day 1

Christie decided to pack the van the night before this time so we wouldn't be as rushed today (this, following a 2 day trip to Boston and two back to back 12 hour night shifts. She is awesome).

This gave us time for one last meal at our favorite Danville retaurant, La Mesa. Sylvester cooks the meanest pork carnitas in Pennsylvania, and makes a wicked Chicken Mole with some kind of crazy chocolate/paprika sauce that sounds nasty but tastes magnifico.

This morning we were up after Christie got home, finished cleaning out the apartment, and headed for Annville, PA to sit on the back porch at the Foleys for a bit (one of our absolute favorite Foley activities). After an incredible lunch at Pho Miss Siagon (a tiny Vietnamese place in Hershey), we said a tearful goodbye to our dear friends. We can't believe how close we've become these past months - we will miss talking late into the night, trips to Friendly's for ice cream, quoting friends, and laughing at each other's stories, but mostly we will miss THEM - just having them in our lives on a weekly basis. We're so glad our paths crossed during this adventure and we know we've made friends for life.


  1. We're so glad you guys could come down for even a few hours yesterday. We're going to miss having you in PA. Who else is going to make us laugh so hard at Friendly's?

  2. We've most certainly made forever friends. We are so grateful for you and constantly amazed at how quickly we all became so comfortable and so close. I haven't cried about someone moving away in YEARS. We REALLY miss you very, very much and are excited to see you again. We love you guys so much!