Our Ears Are Burning

So, the Foleys have been mentioned quite a bit here lately, but if you missed it, they are awesome friends in our homeschool group who have taken us in like family these last few months. They've made our time in PA so fun and memorable and we're already depressed that we can't bring them to Arkansas with us in a few weeks.

Stacey posted on thier blog about our adventures this summer with lots of pictures and gushingly nice comments about us. Be assured, we are the larger benificiaries of the relationship thus far, but hopefully one day we can fully reciprocate.

To read her post CLICK HERE:


  1. If you think that you're the larger beneficiaries, no wonder we're all feeling so happy, because we feel similarly! :)

    Thanks for the shout out!! :) You guys RULE!!

    When we get to Yemen, can we live with you?