On The Road Again, Day 2

So guess what happened this morning? Lynsey had the baby and Christie got to be in delivery room and help. We usually have terrible timing so we could hardly believe this worked out! Rich and Brennan were beside themselves, and Rich learned way more than he ever wanted to know about childbirth (hey, he was the one who kept asking questions that could only be answered with words like "placenta" and "mucus"). He absorbed all this and concluded, "That's very disturbing."


Little Payton was beautiful and healthy, and to top it all off we got to see our other niece and nephew at the hospital (it's been over two years).

We left Rocky Mount, NC around noon and arrived without much to tell at my Aunt Vicky's house in Dickson, TN where we were welcomed with hot showers and inviting beds. On to Little Rock tomorrow!
Now, can someone explain what in the h-e-double hockey sticks this guy is doing with this bird? Either we are truly back in the south, or I missed some new dead-bird-for-car-decoration memo. It's possible - I missed the nose charm memo too.

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