Happy New Years!

As I mentioned in our last post, our trip to New Hampshire brought us through Anneville, PA, close to where we lived during our first assignment in Harrisburg. We became close friends with the Foley family through the local homeschool group while we were there, and also during our second assignment in Danville, PA.

The thing you need to know about the Foleys: They love celebrations. They make the most of significant days with food, fun, and family traditions - so many that it almost makes your head spin trying to keep up with them all! They even celebrate Pi day on 3-14 every year (they have Pi decorations and even a Pi pizza cutter - get it?  A Pi cutter?) My kind of geeks.

So New Years Eve was filled with eating at our favorite Anneville/Hershey restaurants, then preparing food for the New Year celebration. Mark hand-made sushi - our favorite was the "Folsen Roll," which combined ingredients both families love - shrimp, Mexican spices, and peppers. It was like a little fajita all rolled up into one mouth-watering piece. We all pitched in and made everything from 7 layer taco dip to stuffed mushrooms, to buffalo dip. We like to EAT.

Mark also made a "Chik-Fil-A" roll. Backstory: There are no Chik-Fil-A's to speak of in Pennsylvania so our guilty love of CFA is a little curious to the Foleys (I think...). I was texting Mark from a Chik-Fil-A in Arkansas when the woman in front of me in line told the manager that she loved this CFA location because it (and I quote): "Oozes Jesus." Having no idea how on earth a fried chicken place could ooze much of anything except diabetes, I quoted her to Mark. We have been making jokes ever since about things "oozing Jesus." To commemorate this, Mark Foley presents: The Chik-Fil-A roll. 

We also realized it was the first time our family had been in the Eastern Time Zone for New Years, so it would be our first time to see Dick Clark and the Times Square ball drop live. Fun New Years for everyone and we went to bed late, exhausted, and full. It was great to be able to spend New Years Eve with friends, even though we had traveled so far from family. Happy 2012 everyone! 


  1. AAaahhhhhhhh! I hadn't seen this until just now!! YOU GUYS RULE!! Oh man, we miss you SO MUCH. Just watching these videos . . . ugh, our house is CRAVING having you here! Boy, was that ever a party. Sometimes I think it would be cool to have 4 stomachs like cows do, just so we can eat more. :P I think our two 4am nights are still affecting me. . . zzzzzzzzz. MISS YOU!

  2. Me too! I can't go to sleep before 2. I think it reset my sleep rhythms. REALLY missing your cozy living room and the constant flow of good food. Not to mention the company. =(

    1. That was a great celebration, wasn't it. Yesterday the kids and I passed a Chik-Fil-A on the way to something in Harrisburg. I was a little scared of the oozing so I kept driving.

  3. scout wanted to rip those horns to pieces.