Upper Valley Homeschoolers

We finally got to go on a field trip with the homeschool group today, to the Montshire Children's Museum, about 10 minutes from our house. It was a great little museum with more packed into it than the museum in Baltimore or Hot Springs, Arkansas. Very impressive. Even better was the chance to finally get plugged in to the local group. The INCH group in the Hershey area was truly the best part of our first two assignments in Pennsylvania, and we made many friends - some very good friends that we still talk to nearly every day and the boys still Skype with several times a week. This has of course made us skeptical that we'll find such good friends in other groups, but we love meeting new people. The group turned out to be HUGE, but we did meet some really nice people, and the boys got to explore and play quite a bit with the other kids. 

The group went on this day specifically because there is a temporary astronomy workshop at the museum. After a short lesson on basic astronomy, one of the curators took the kids into a giant inflatable planetarium and spent about half an hour pointing out various constellations and explaining the orbits of the earth and moon. After that, we all ate lunch together and the kids played some more.


  1. You should be skeptical. Folsens are the best. Everyone sucks but us. REMEMBER?!?!?