Lebanon to Boston

Christie has been working mostly days, leaving me and the boys homebound for the first week or so here. That's been good in a lot of ways since December was so insanely busy and we needed so time at home to defuse. We haven't gotten quite as much snow as we thought we would at first, but it's been more than enough to play and sled in. (These videos seem particularly grainy when enlarged, and I'm not sure why...)

When we finally did get out and around, we were pleased to find that Lebanon is a fairly quaint little New England town just like you see in the movies. Many of the buildings, especially around Dartmouth college, are nearly 200 years old. It's actually the oldest medical college in the U.S. and going down to the square in Lebanon feels like a trip back in time.

We also went to Boston last Wednesday, marvelling that we could actually do that and be back home on the same day. This was supposed to have been a 2-3 day hospitalization for me, but turned out not to be, so we celebrated with dinner at Durgen Park, a famous Boston pub at Fanuel Hall. We're loving Boston even more now that we've learned to navigate the T-rail system pretty easily. It's cheap and fast to travel all over the city and see exactly what we want without the hassle of traffic. I'm glad we got to see Boston at night too, because the Market was still dressed up for Christmas and it was absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to come back here in warmer weather with the Foley's so they can point out all the best places to eat. There's too many to choose from for a newbie like me.

This isn't the actual bar Cheers was based on, more inspired by it.
The real deal is elsewhere in Boston. It's on our list of places to see.

They even had the wooden Indian out front.

Quincy Hall. You can't see it well here, but there's a different
food place between each set of pillars. Everything from Italian
to Greek to Indian, and more candy and pastries than you could try
in a lifetime. Heaven!

I'll post tomorrow with video and pictures of some other places we visited in the Lebanon area and in Vermont. We're a bit overwhelmed with how much there is to do and see in the area and there's no way we're going to get it all in, not to mention we're trying to make time to visit with friends as often as we can. The big challenge is getting the necessary school work done in between it all, but the boys are usually ready for a few days at home after our outings, so I think it's going to work out well. 

It's snowing again!

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  1. Oh man. Boston is SUCH a great city. Glad you got to see more than just Tufts on your visit. Lebanon looks nice (though it's a little too northern and too cold/wintry for my liking!). Oh! And we LOVE that food court in Boston -- it's one of our most oft-visited places in the city. YUM!