Beaker The Penguin

Look who's NaNoWriMo book copies showed up today! We're ordering a few more and will send them out to the lucky winners of our Guess Beaker's Belt Size contest. Okay, there's no contest, we'll just have to order what we can afford and send them in the cheapest packaging possible. That's how we roll. Brennan is really proud to hold the finished copy of his work. Here's another excerpt:

Beaker woke up one morning and went downstairs. He was surprised to see that his mom looked like a hippo!

“Mom, why is your tummy so big?” asked Beaker. “Did you eat too much last night?”

“No, I'm having a baby, Beaker,” said his mom happily.

A few weeks later, Beaker's mom was at the hospital. Beaker spent the night at his friend's house. The next day, his mom came back home with the new baby.

When Beaker saw the baby, he almost passed out. The baby was very small. He had never seen a penguin with golden eyes before. But this new baby penguin had gold colored eyes. It was a boy penguin and his feathers were golden. Everyone thought the baby was very cute.

“It must be fun to be a baby,” Beaker said. “Everyone thinks you're cute, and you have really cute eyes.”

“We'll call him The Beak,” his mom and dad said.

“Can I hold the new baby?” Beaker asked.

“First sit on the couch,” his mom said. Then she handed The Beak to him. Holding the baby made Beaker feel good. The Beak started to go to sleep, so Beaker's mom put him in his crib.


  1. Very cute! :D I like the name, "The Beak." ;) If possible, I'd LOVE to have a copy of Beaker the Penguin! :D Good job, Brennan! :D

  2. Yay!! WAY TO GO, BRENNAN!! We are SO SUPER proud of you!! Look at that smile -- you have every reason to feel proud of yourself. I love that you're already working on your next book! Max has been reading your book as a bedtime story. Thank you again for sharing with us! :)