The Best Housewarming

So we're here in Connecticut, and it's beautiful, the city is awesome, blah blah blah. No matter how exciting it is to live in a new place, there's always that feeling that you're a bit isolated from friends and family while you're getting settled. It was so good for us to have the Foley's visit the first weekend we were here. 

The primary concern when we're together is food. Where will we eat? What new thing will we try? There was an Indian place down the street we'd been dying to go to, so we all went together and had what was probably the most delicious food I've eaten since I discovered crab legs many years ago. I woke up the next morning still craving the sauce from my Chicken Kali Mirch. The fun thing about eating with the Foley's is that we all want to try everything so we sample each other's food (without double-dipping as much as possible...). 

We also ate really good Mexican down the street at Rio's while they were here, and took Stacy to Chocapologie for her birthday (which we unceremoniously forgot back in February). An entire menu of chocolate everything. The Easter Bunny visited the kids Sunday morning. We fixed a traditional Southern Easter lunch with ham, mashed potatoes, squash, green beans, sweet potato casserole, and strawberry cake for desert. It was very meaningful to us all since last Easter is the first time we had lunch/dinner at the Foley's house in Anneville, PA where they fixed a traditional Portuguese meal for us. It's becoming a tradition! 

It was a blast to see them, joking and talking late into the evenings. We were sad to see them go, but we were able to make it to their house this past weekend for Kate's birthday party, so we're all very happy that the distance isn't as great as it has been. Now if we can just convince them to move to Connecticut...

Chocolate Lava Cake and a Chocolate Crepe. Oh yeah, that's Christie and Stacy. 

Max hardly ever eats after other people, but Kate's chocolate sampler broke him down.

The kids got Portuguese sweetbread for Easter too - sweet bread with
an egg baked right into the middle. YUMMY.

Everyone enjoyed the music at Rio's, but probably Brennan most of all.


  1. We had a great time in CT. Thanks for the hospitality! And the food. In case no one got that we ate a lot of food. Ate and ate. A lot of food.

  2. Um, which you unceremoniously forgot back in MARCH . . . Geesh. And you were just starting to redeem yourself, too. ;)

    We LOVE being with you. Look how happy we are in all those pictures! I don't see Dave in any of those pictures, but he's happy, too. FOLSON POWER!! :)

  3. March? Birthday? FOLSEN? WHERE THE HELL AM I????!!!!!

  4. Don't forget, Stacy got to eat a chocolate with her namesake!! Best new tradition EVER!!!