A Drummer's Dream

Still catching up! (and I haven't made a video of the new apartment yet!)

We took the boys to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts a few Saturday's ago to see the premier of a documentary called "A Drummer's Dream." The trailer explains it better than I can:

The film just won the prestigious FIPA (Film International) award for best Performing Arts film. So several of the drummer's and the director were present at the screening for Q&A, and meet and greet. Some of these guys I've been listening to since I was in my teens, and it was awesome to expose Rich and Brennan to them, as well as see a really fun film about the discipline of learning to play an instrument. It was an interesting mix of people as well because the drummers featured in the film come from every genre imaginable - jazz, heavy metal, pop, hip-hop, bee-bop, big band, etc. Some of these guys played with Dizzie Gilespie, Sting, and Louis Armstrong. Best of the best.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Kenwood Denard doing a demonstration - playing drums
and piano at the same time.

Director John Walker mediates a Q&A with some drummers
from the film.

Mike Mangini, Nasyr Abdul Al-Kabar, Kenwood Denard

It was especially cool to meet Mike Mangini (again, for me). I first met Mike when he was touring with Extreme back in 1994. He was already ridiculously accomplished at the time, but alas, that band met its demise at the hands of Nirvana soon after. Mike went on to play with guitar luminary Steve Vai, and earn his doctorate in percussion from the prestigious Berkeley School of Music in his hometown of Boston. I've followed his career this whole time and introduced the boys to some of his music when he began to audition for progressive metal kings, Dream Theater back in 2011. He landed the job, truly an honor as the job was highly coveted by 8 other world-renowned drummers at the time. The guy is super nice and a living example of how tenacity and pursuing what you love with passion pays off in the end.

Kenwood, Dad, Brennan, Rich, Dr. Mangini


  1. SO SO cool that Rich asked that question, that you taped it, and that we can hear your happy laugh. LOVE it. Great answer from the drummer, too!

    "You don't want to wish you were somewhere else in life." Sigh. What does it mean that we sit here and dream of being in CT?