Vermont Teddy Bear Factory

I'm a little behind on updating, so I'm going to do a few post in order of events. I'll post about our new location in CT as soon as possible!

One place we wanted to squeeze in before we left New Hampshire was the Teddy Bear Factory in Vermont (there's lots of places we didn't get to because there was SO much in this area to do).

Really fun tour, with a little Build-A-Bear type section at the end that was actually affordable. They took us step-by-step through the process of making a Teddy Bear from scratch. Here, they hand cut and sew all the materials, and the keep a small staff, rather than automating everything. A quick, fun stop if you're ever in the Burlington, VT area. It was a nice, relaxing day before the craziness of moving. 

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  1. So cool. Wish we could've joined you on that trip as well as the Ben and Jerry's/Sound of Music one. But for now . . . have we mentioned how much we love that you're in CT?